Daisee Air Blower

Daisee’s patent, natural and environmentally- friendly rubber, resistant to both high and low temperatures, tear-proof.They are very powerful and easy to use, it has an air valve to prevent it from breating in dust and blows out a powerful stream of air to blow dust away, making cleaning lenses, cameras and filters a breeze.


comes with Metal Air Nozzle to be more durable.
Easy to keep in bag for outdoor usage.
Rubber Bulb Capacity : 100ml
Weight : 58g
Maximum pressure : 15kPa


Do NOT store or leave in an environment exceeding 40℃. This cold cause a deformation.
Do NOT expose to solvents penetrating rubber or plastic. This could cause a deformation.
Do NOT apply sudden excessive pressure when could lock. If the valve does locl, applying additional force on the bulb could cause a malfunction. Just operate the metal nozzle to release the valve, and then use by the either function.

Made from high-density fiber material, this microfier cloth can rapidly absorb water on the surface of glass,filters or lens.
It can remove stains such as water,oil,etc.completely by a gentle wipe and is reusable once washed in water.


Be sure to clean away the hard pollutants on the surface of the lens before wiping to prevent the lens
from being scratched.