Use your creativity Day and night in your hands

Photography fun is the camera’s image can help people invisible world unfolded. Now you just need one filter to replace six filters, ready to shot in your personal style. The new variable ND32-1000 has six exposure options that are available to reduce exposure 5-10 stops.

Exposure indicators are clearly marked on the filter’s rim.

Anti X-shaped effect

Daisee variable ND32-1000 has fixed rotational angle, X pattern will be appear even reach ND1000 (Max)

Maintaining Color balance

Red shift is a common problem of  ND1000 glasses and hard to avoid. Daisee Variable ND 32-1000 solved this
problem for the photographers, color  balance will not be upset from ND32-1000.

Daisee® DMC

Double-sided 8+8 layers coating provides water & oil repellent, increases the light transmittance and reduces the light glare. The coating has undergone a rigorous salf water test that meets the standard requirement of the optical coating.

Low profile frame

Frame thickness is only 6.5mm, perfectly use for wide angle lenses and prevent vignetting. The frame complies with the EU ROSH standard.

How to use

Before screwing the filter on the lenses, need to focus and meter to obtain the desire EV and recommend to take a test shot. After screwing the filter, refer to the exposure indicator to adjust the transmittance. Recommend to use M mode and use the focal length 24mm or above.

What is a black card

Black Card is simply a black sheet without reflection.

Sometimes, it is very hard to balance exposure in great dynamic range of luminance between the lightest and the darkest area of the image, ie. Larger than 3ev. Black card is recommended to use in this situation.

Before using the black card, the lightest area and the darkest area needed to be metered separately to calculate
the exposure time difference. Use the darkest area as an exposure reference and shake the black card to cover the lightest area to balance the dynamic range. While the shutter is opened, the black card is needed to be shaked up and down in front of the lens to prevent the sheltered line.

77mm  |  82mm